Girls, Girls, Girls; I just can say no

By Girls, I mean Girls. I have a strange relationship with this show, and, like always, I find myself doubting its brilliance because of all the hype. I’m not sure if I like it because I think it’s good or because everyone says it is. If it is the latter, I’m very disappointed in myself.

Girls …  Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham and Allison Williams

I’ve figured out what annoys me about it, and I’m pretty sure its the fact that I dislike most of the characters. Firstly, Hannah. Or shall I say Lena Dunham, as it has been made clear that this show is a dramatisation of her life. Maybe its just me, but I think she’s pretentious and self indulgent and whiney. So when people say “Oh my God, I’m so like Hannah” I wonder why they are admitting this to people. She’s constantly getting into situations where she can be the centre of attention (I know the shows about her, but come on), and she’s spent the last 2 seasons re-evaluating her life, without actually doing anything. If I’m not supposed to like her, then they’re doing a great job.

I don’t like Marnie because she is the quintessential pretty girl who’s always got what she wanted, and as soon as things go wrong, she crumbles into a pile of self-pity. But her Mum is Rita Wilson, which is pretty cool.


Jessa is just a waster. She wastes her own time, she wastes other poeples time, and is too much of a free spirit to function. If I was Chris O’Dowd I would never had married her. Maybe it’s because I can’t handle people who talk in metaphors and never show up on time.

Shoshanna is the only cool one. She’s the only one that doesn’t think they’ve figured out all of life’s problems and are too cool for underwear.

Everyone talks about the honesty of the characters in the show, and despite my dislike, I may be inclined to agree. I know these girls, but I’m not friends with them because I don’t like them. If this show is an accurate representation of women in their twenties, then I’ll stay 18 thanks.

But. I still find myself watching every week. I’m not sure whether its because I like it or I like to hate it. I’m yet to make that judgment. But do I have to like something to enjoy it?

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