Bey just beying Bey

I’m very excited. Like most people, I love Beyoncé. This is one of the few unchangeable things in my life. She can do no wrong.


I don’t like The Smiths. This is something I confess with caution as it’s often met with shock, horror and disgust, but, I can appreciate that they’re good. Same with Michael jackson and Metallica. I would never sit and listen to one of their songs, but I can see their relevance in popular culture. A prime example of this is The Beatles. I hear Paul Mccartneys voice and I cringe so badly, sorry world. So when people say “I don’t like Beyoncé, she’s rubbish”, no. This is an invalid statement, it makes no sense. Not liking someone, and not thinking they’re good are two very different things.

No other performer can dance and sing for a whole set IN HEELS and not miss a note, beat or chance to make a cheeky speech like she can. Even if you don’t like her music, one must  appreciate. This is one of the few things I feel passionately about, and felt I must share.

Did you hear she’s coming to see me in may? Yeah, she’s going to Manchester AND Birmingham to make sure she catches me so we can start our new best friendship. I’ll probably buy a ticket instead of just turning up backstage, that might look a bit eager. She’s probably reading this now actually (hey gurl, remember that thing? haha yeah that was hilar)

So remember, when people say Beyoncé’s shit, they’re probably wearing non-prescription, clear lense glasses.

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