You’re a bad mother and you gave me herpes

I had to do some sneaky photo taking, that’s why they’re rubbish


So, basically just had the best day of my life. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but its still up there. I’ve never been much of a Jeremy Kyle fan, mainly because he’s a sleazy exploiter, but I couldn’t pass up the chance of seeing him in the flesh. My disdain of him was confirmed. Nevertheless, when it comes to controlling mentally unstable people, he’s pretty good. The people on it always seem so unbelievable and I thought they were just on it to take the piss, but they’re actually really serious.


This was Lynn. Her main point was that we shouldn’t just straight out laugh at the people, which was quite difficult. The best was that everyone working there wasn’t taking it seriously and knew it was a bit ridiculous. It makes me really want to be a camera man (woman) because it looks like such banter. The floor manager was the biggest joker, he literally thought he was doing stand-up.


There was five of us so we were at the back, this is the best picture I could get without being seen. I can’t even remember most of the people, a lot of DNA tests and lie detectors, and as shows go, it was more on the tame side.  The best moment was when man accused his girlfriend of cheating on him with a fair ground worker in a the back of a wagon. One set of people ran off stage after 10 seconds and had their whole argument backstage. In this one, the boys mother was about 50 and was going out with his best friend, who was probably 25. That wasn’t anything to do with the real situation, he was just sitting in the audience.



Overall, a surreal experience. Jeremy played his cancer thing quite well and didn’t ignore it, which was good considering he had a limp. I still don’t like him though.

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