Hope in a jar, perhaps


Best purchase of my life was my Company magazine subscription. Yes, because I love Company, but mainly because it came with a free Philosophy moisturiser. This just proves that Company is the best magazine.

I’ve got one of the Philosophy cleansers, and because of all the hype around them and the fact that they’re three times the price as a lot of others, I assumed they’d be good. The cleanser was ok I guess. I haven’t used it very much because it’s not the best as getting makeup off, so a lot of the time I can’t really be bothered with using like 3 cleansers, but I might start using it more and make a proper judgement.


I’ve been using the moisturiser for about a week now, and after the supposed mediocracy of the cleanser, I was a bit like “how good can it be, it’s just  moisturiser”, I was wrong. Not dramatically, because it is just a moisturiser, but it’s really nice under makeup more than anything else because its not too heavy. It almost has a primer-y finish. I’ll have to wait a few weeks to see if it gives me spots or anything, but for now I like it. It doesn’t have a particularly strong smell, which I like because I would trust it less I think. Image

The one thing that puts me off it is the b-s inspirational quotes they put on the front. Lets be real, it’s cream.

Hope in a jar £34

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