Clean that mirror, it’s filthy


I’ve never been much of a Charlie Brooker fan and I think its for the same reason I don’t like Kelly Osborne. They both talk like no one has ever thought of what they’ve just thought before and that they’ve made a world changing discovery that everyone needs to hear about. But despite my disdain towards him, I’m quite, not enjoying so much, rather, intrigued by the new Black Mirror season.


I just watched the second one on 4oD, and yeah it was “good” whatever that means. It was thought provoking, but It felt like there was so much there to think about, you needed to write a dissertation to fully understand it all. I think the main thing he was trying to get across was the whole thing about how everyone films everything rather than just experiencing it. But the whole underlying theme of vilification and a kind of Elizabethan public punishment was, for me, the biggest message. I know what she did was bad and evil, and maybe it was because I’d just watched half an hour of her being scared, but I did feel a bit sorry for her at the end. And it does make one think about what kind of punishments we would have if the public were in charge.

The internal show wasn’t far off what Derren Brown did to that guy in Apocalypse, minus the happy ending, or ending at all. The harrowing screams and wails of Lenora Crichlow were grating to say the least. I understand my qualification to judge acting peaks at GCSE drama, but I’ve watched enough Channel 4 dramas to recognise typical English over-acting. The worst case of this was in Apocalypse where that girl was supposedly convincing the guy that she was really a scared 12 year old girl, but all I saw was probably the most unconvincing piece of work since Biker Grove. 


I think I preferred the first episode in this season, because it was more focused and more relevant to me I guess. The woman in it was better, considering she basically carried the whole episode. Speaking of which, the best part of the second episode was Tuppence Middleton (ridiculous name), who pulled off the role of horror movie cliché very well, and has a very nice speaking voice. I would listen to her audio books anytime. 

I think next week is the last one? Probably. I haven’t actually watched the first season yet, so I’ll do that soon. From the promo I’ve seen for the next one, it looks a bit less fun. But I’ll reserve judgement. 

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