Top 5: Yoghurt

For Kanzi

Probably my favourite thing in the world. Quite easily. Like it was quite difficult to narrow it down to 5. 

5. Yeo Valley 



Some people might not like the taste of yoghurt on its own, but I love it. This ones nice because it’s relatively runny, compared to some others. Best one for putting muesli or granola in. 

4. Total 0% 


Greek REPRESENT. People hate set yoghurt for some reason, but it makes any food interesting I say, and this is by far the best set yoghurt. Biggest pet peeve is when yoghurt isn’t sharp enough. I never have that problem with this one. 

3. Alpro Soya



Oh man I love this stuff so much. It has that weird soya taste that I’m not sure if I love or hate. Either way it’s great. The fruity individual pots are really nice as well. Really good with a spoon of honey.

2. Onken Fat Free Strawberry



I think I’ve gone through about 15 pots of this in the last 2 months. It’s so good. The chunk of strawberry make it. I can’t even describe. I could easily get through a pot of this in a night. It’s my version of comfort food. After a lot of it it does taste a bit weird. 

1. Rachels – any



There are actually no words. It’s the perfect balance of sharp and sweet. This flavour literally tastes like summer. The plain one is good with anything like honey or jam or something. 


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