Someone tell the weather that it’s Spring

I’ve decided it’s Spring. I’m phasing out my coat, I’ve limited the black in my wardrobe and I’ve started my summer playlist. Proactivity is key when bringing on seasonal change. I want it to be

“not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket”

Since I can’t whip out the sun dresses just yet, It’s time to fix the makeup.

What’s more summery that coral lipstick??



This is Mac ‘Coral Bliss’. I got it the other day, and I think I’m in love. It’s a cremesheen, which is good, because it can be sheer and really strong colour. I have a Calvin Klein Coral but it’s literally orange and so thick and a bit dry, but this is really moisturising. The only problem is that it really sits in the cracks in your lips and if you have any dry skin it can look a bit gross, so I just use a concealer or something underneath it. Other than that, its great.

The other thing I bought on this occasion was from the Mac Strength collection.


It’s called ‘Poised’ and its quite a browny pink. It wasn’t like any other blusher I have as it’s quite a cool pink, which I really like. The only thing is that it’s not far off my foundation colour so it can look like I’m not wearing any, but am at the same time. I like that about it though.

Mac Poised £17.50

Mac Coral Bliss £14

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