In memoriam


Today is a sad day for many. We’re gathered here today to honour the dream that was, but no longer is. My relationship with Bey is a special one, and I hold no grievances against her. The only thing she did was remain awe inspiring. I don’t blame ticket master or see tickets (although I could easily) as they were a mere (uncooperative) vehicle. I don’t even blame myself, as there was literally no more I could have done to help.


Some are rejoicing, as they can look on to the future and dream happy dreams. They live in a world where internet service doesn’t fail you at the pinnacle of all existence. Alas, the many cannot rejoice today. For, today is a sad day.

In honour of today, I wrote this poem:

Bey, why you do me so bad?

Last time I saw you, MAN I WAS GLAD

Come April/May, I’ll be proper sad

Unlike the posers, my love for you aint no fad!

Bey, why you do me this way?

Send me a backstage pass and I’ll bring you a souffle!

I won’t be full of dismay

If I can come and see you in April/May

-Andriana Hambi

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