I WENT TO SEE THE JOY FORMIDABLE IN LEEDS AND THEY WERE REALLY GOOD. I really didn’t know how to start this. That’s basically the whole thing. They were though, no word of a lie.


I started taking pictures on my camera, but everyone was taking pictures on Iphone that looked really good. Alas mine did not.

We got there at like half 8, because who can be bothered to try and get to the front these days? So we saw about half of the last support who I believe were called Kill it Kid. They were pretty good for a support. The singer looked like a showered Kurt Cobain, and they sound very early Black Keys-y, which is a good thing.


Then JF came on, and I never realised what an actual psycho the main girl is. Ritzy I think her name is. She had a constant look of maniacal surprise throughout the whole thing. I haven’t really listened to the new album much but was surprised how many I recognised off it. They did all the classics as well (classics may be a bit of an overstatement). There was a nice contrast between playing all their loud songs and then her soft welsh foul mouth banter.


What was most interesting/weird was the varied audience demographic. Some people were like fifteen who knew all the words, but then like 50 year old men who knew all the words as well. I think the average must have been like 30 though. I think that shows that they are actually genuinley good and will have some longevity because they don’t have a target audience like most people do.

I would definitely see them again.

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