A life changing revelation

For those of you who, like me, are eternally on a diet, I’ve found the new best thing. If you don’t like things like Ryvita and rice cakes, you probably won’t like this. It’s basically a rice cake but made of corn. WHAT? I know right.



Guess how many calories? I’ll tell you, 6 per slice. WHAAAT HOW? I know. This is against Ryvita which ranges from like 20-100, and rice cakes, which are like 30. Of course this is irrelevant if you’re putting Nutella on top.



This will sound weird, but the other I put lemon and salt on top. No word of a lie, they were practically salt and vinegar crisps. I’m so smitten. My lunchtime topping of choice these days is tuna and tomatoe. And they’re suitable for freaks vegans and hippies vegetarians. Try it and you’ll never turn back. 

Tesco has them for £1.19. Bargain.

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