Lore; It’s good.


I went to see this the other day at the Cornerhouse in Manch after a glowing review from ma main girl Clauds (Claudia Winkleman, to those who aren’t her best friend). In short, it’s about a  Nazi girl at the turn of the war who’s parent are both sent to camps or prisons or something, and she has get her 3 younger siblings to their Grandmothers house on the other side of Germany. 

I thought it was really interesting. When people make films like this, everyone gets a bit scared that it’ll become a bit nazi-sympathising, but I don’t think this did at all. You see her struggle with this idea that all Jews are bad and evil, whilst having to trust this Jewish boy with looking after her and her brothers and sisters. It just shows the indoctrination and blind faith. This was shown the most when this old woman was staring lovingly at a picture of Hitler and was all “We broke his heart… he loved us so much”. It kind of made me think of how in 50 years we’ll look back on who were vilifying, and think it was absurd. 


The Sound of Music-esque scenery of rolling green hills and wildflowers, juxtaposed these four dirty children dragging their belongings behind them was nice. It was a particularly pretty movie to watch, despite the somewhat dark subject matter. The main girl in it (Saskia Rsendahl) was very good, considering she basically was the whole film. 

Poignant is probably the word I would most ascribe to this film. A thinker. Maybe that was just me, I don’t know. It’s a story about journeys; Physically, emotionally and, perhaps most importantly, psychologically. So yeah, go and see it. 


It’s in German btw. 


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