Ooh I’m angry

I’ll summarise the article, but click here if you want to read it. I suggest you do. Basically, these girls were at a some prestigious debate in Glasgow, loads of competition, hard to get there, you know the story. A group of boys heckling and reducing these girls to tears. 

This makes me so angry. More so because these girls are hard-working ones, not wasters. They’re not there to be judged physically like  celebrities (arguably). They’re there on merit and hard work. This is the very reason why kitchen jokes and little remarks aren’t funny. Because the boys that make those jokes really mean it, even if they don’t show it. 

What makes it ok for this to happen? What kind of foolishness? It’s like the last 200 years didn’t even happen. When people (particularly women) are like “oh you’ve got the vote now, what’s the problem?” the problem is the mentality. It’s the idea that men are fundamentally ‘better’ than women that’s engraved in the mind of both men and women. And I say it’s a mothers job to not let your son even have these thoughts, never mind express them. Because not only is it ridiculous in itself, it makes young girls think that they can’t be the CEO or the astronaut or the banker. 

I can’t even. Things like this make me so angry. If that was my son abusing women like this, he’d wake up without a tongue. And I can assure you, this will not be my last word on this topic. 

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