Procrastination queen

There are two things in life I would say I am an expert at. One is arcade mode of fruit ninja, the other is procrastination. Luckily, these two things go hand in hand. Here are my tips for avoiding work, be it of the house or academic variety.

1) Youtube

The easiest way to waste 2 hours of your life is to get lost in the many tunnels and wormholes of youtube. Lately, my video of choice has been interviews with Jennifer Lawrence. I’ve seen them all now. The subject of interviews changes though. I’ve seen all the videos of Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Julianna Margulies, most Chelsea Lately ones.

I also spent a week watching non-stop Inside the Actors Studio. This takes commitment because they’re like 40 minutes long. There are also a string of youtubers who I regularly watch, that’s a story for another day.

2) Makeup tutorials and reviews

Yes this is still youtube, but it is so much part of my life that it needs a new number. I can sit and watch monthly favourites and hauls all day long. I watch so much Pixiwoo I have dreams about them sometimes. I rarely buy anything without having seen it on someones videos. Good ones: Zoella, Fleur de Force, Sprinkle of Glitter, Dolly bow bow.

3) Blogs

All the greats. Sunday Girl, Man repeller, The londoner. They make you want to live your life better, go to more parties, bake more cakes. I found one healthy recipe blog recently where she made these really good chickpea cookies and brownies but I’ve forgotten what its called and I can’t find it anywhere.

4) Exercise

I know things are getting bad when I feel like going for a run. This is usually a last resort to try and feel like I’m doing something productive with my life.

5) Food

Mainly yoghurt, lets be honest. Or I’ll find a recipe for something on a blog and decide I’ve never wanted to do anything in life but make that Salmon and brown rice or whatever. I can so easily trick myself into thinking I need to take 2 hours out of my life to go to the supermarket to buy these things and then cook them. I forget for a second that I’m a terrible at cooking and that everything I make tastes the same.

And if you’re doubting my mad fruit ninja skills…


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