Baking, if you can call it that

14.55 There are some strange smells protruding from the oven.

Lets rewind an hour. I decided to contradict previous experiences and try and bake something. Diet baking of course. I stumbled upon the blog Chocolate Covered Katie a few months ago, and now I’m home, I decided to take advantage of the working oven and moderate supply of baking products. Her recipes are all desserts and a lot of them use things like chickpeas and cannellini beans instead of flour. Sounds gross I know. So I decided to “make” these

Main ingredients being cannellini beans. I never knew how much cannellini beans in a can reeked. As with all my baking adventures, I played fast and loose with measurements and ingredients. What’s baking without improvisation. 




I’m not gonna lie, the batter didn’t smell great. It’s unlike me to ever bake anything without eating half the batter, but this was not something you wanted to lick off the spoon. 

15.05 It needs about 10 more minutes in the oven (but who really knows) and then some time to cool. I’m not feeling good about this. By my recipe, I think for like 6 servings, it’s about 120 calories. Is that a lot? I don’t know. 

15.18 It’s out of the oven and somewhat resembles a cake. It needs to cool though.


A normal blondie has 200-300 calories, so this is pretty good I guess. Depends if it tastes disgusting. 

Ok, so, yeah. If you’re a fussy eater, I don’t think you’d like these. They have a beany taste to them, not in an entirely bad way. Unless you don’t like beans. They’re ok though. I think. 


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