Dear Mindy Kaling

This is a big day for me. Jennifer Lawrence has been my fantasy best friend for a while now. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still great, but a little too mainstream for my liking. Everyone loves her, she’s like Jennifer Aniston circa 2002. Step aside Jen (Lawrence, not Aniston), there’s a new bff in town.

I started reading Mindy’s (were on first name terms) book at about 7; finished it around 10. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t read a lot. And what I do read are mainly books your mum reads at the beach. A middle aged womans search for her lost youth. That and female comedian autobiographies (Tine Fey – Bossypants; changed my life) thankfully, this fell into the latter. 


It was funny, really funny. But that’s not why I’m writing about it. I’m basically the same person as Mindy Kaling. Everything she thinks, I am thinking. It’s scary. I think this is why I found The Mindy Project really freakin funny, and everyone else was like “yeah it’s quite good”. One bit she writes about how dieting is her hobby, and finding diet recipes and reading diet books are like birdhouse making for her (I don’t know why birdhouse making was the first hobby I thought of, I don’t think anyone has that hobby). Diet recipes that simulate full fat food are what I live for. 

In the book she talks about her high school years, and how she was pretty boring and didn’t really do much. That’s me all over. She’s in my dream job pretty much, she seems to have things together and generally be a cool person. Hopefully our lives will follow the exact same path and I can write a near identical autobiography and pass it off as my own work. 

Anyway. All I’m saying is that I feel like it’s a shame that were not friends. This is by no means a book review, I’m not even telling you to read the book. I think it’s funny because I feel like she’s writing about me. Someone read it and tell me if it’s actually funny please. 

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