Tv Roundup

So yeah I completely missed writing anything about any of the season finales. As I’m sure no one cares, I’ll summarise my thoughts.

New girl: good ending to a good season. Season 3 will show if its a good show or not. I like it but I’m unsure wether it will last more than 4

How I met your Mother: I’m glad they used a random person to be Teds wife. It would be weird if it was like Elizabeth Banks or something. I dunno how they’ll end the show well next season though.

Big Bang: not gonna lie I don’t even remember what happened. Therefore, it couldn’t have been that good. BBT’s going downhill.
The Office - Season 9
The Office: the highlight of tv over the last 9 years, even though I watched it all in two weeks. The best ending it could have had. I can’t imagine how emotional it would have been for someone who’d watched from the beginning.

Arrested Development: another one I’ve watched in like two weeks. Season 4 wasn’t as good as the others, no disputing that. The last 4 episodes were better than the rest though. Tobias made the season.
Mindy Project: I’m sad that its not turning out to be as good as I hoped it would be. That haircut at the end is terrifying, but still super cute because its on my girl. Danny and Mindy 4 Lyf.

I know what you’re thinking. I need professional help. This isn’t even everything I watch.

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