Woolf & Co is a GO!

So I’ve started a website selling jewellery. The main problem I’ve encountered so far is the difference in the American and English way of spelling jewellery. Auto correct is being an absolute cow about it.

If you want to look, go for it. I changed the name and whole look of it last night. I figured naming it after Virginia would bring good luck and keep it real. I’ve also set up a miriad of other spices networking accounts. I never realised how time consuming all this stuff was. I’m afraid i have also set up a parallel blog. On tumblr. I’m so ashamed of myself. This is the only tumblr I ever have or will make.

Do me a solid and just take a look around, tell me if anything looks weird or whatever. There’s literally like 3 pages so it won’t take you more than 2 minutes. Unless you want to buy something, but ya know. Whatevs. Free delivery though. Just sayin.

As I’m sure there is no one reading this who I do not know, you must, as my friend/family/acquaintance/weird stripper twitter follower respond accordingly to those things. I prose I won’t spam and I will attempt to be mildly entertaining.



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