Don’t hate the hater


I spend a lot of my time and energy hating things. I understand this about myself, and, perhaps wrongly, embrace it. I would call myself a professional hater. That’s what I should’ve called my blog. As fun as it may be (for me), it does mean that my negative opinion of things has less value. I’d love to be that person whose opinion is trusted and revered, but in the wise words of Elphaba, “I’m not that girl”.

Perhaps I should make an effort to change this and try and not be so anti-human. But. There are so many things in this world worth hating. Eg. Simply Red, English Saturday night broadcasting, beanies, berets, really any hat beginning with a B, the One Show, the word ’hubby’. There are many many more.

All I’m saying is, everyone needs to stop hating on the haters. If I didn’t talk about things I hated, my conversational contribution would be solely The Office references and facts about Mindy Kaling. Which is better really.

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