Do you believe in life after meth?

Let me start by saying this: Breaking Bad is a great show. No question there. But the hype is starting to wear thin no? I’m sick of talking about it, hearing about it, hearing peoples conclusions on the finale (all the same – “yeah it was good, there was no other ending”) Really, who cares, it happened, it was fun for a bit, now it’s gone, like Gotye and UNO.


This ridiculous idea that there’s no life after Breaking Bad, and that it’s the be all and end of TV is, yeah I’ll say it, a bit ignorant. If this is truly your opinion, then you’ve obviously never watched a whole series before. And yeah, I’ll say it, BB was pretty boring for about 2 seasons, and considering there was only 5, that’s not the best ratio. I’ve got some hard truths for you, Vince Gilligan didn’t invent shaky-cam and slow zooming shots through pillars, and he sure as hell didn’t invent subtle plot clues.

One of my many lectures I’d be happy to give is that you need to commit to a show, you can’t go in expecting to be entertained in the first 5 minutes. So wipe away the tears, put down the meth, and get over your TV trust issues. Commit again. The obsession was not exclusive to Bry-Cran, you’ll learn to love again.


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