18-40? Watch Broad City


Ok so, I’ve got the show to ruin all others. If, like me, Girls is just too much pretension and meaningless subtext, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Broad City is the one to watch. It had its finale the other day, and oh my what a first season. The perfect balance of character and plot, super funny, just the best. The Louie of early twenties females.

AND the biggest success for them is not falling into the Mindy Project trap of relying on guest comedians for any kind of entertainment even though they get the best cameos e.g Rachel Dratch and my fave Hannibal Buress. And finally, Amy P popped up in the finale which she directed and stole the show as always. See like this is a prime example of how different this show is to everything else right now, her storyline in it had nothing to do with the main one, she was the chef at the restaurant that they were at, but they never met or had anything to do with each other its just so smooth.


And, in this finale, even though there’s loads of cool other characters in the show, its really just about the two of them, so this episode was just them and no distractions. Girls is supposedly a gritty, realistic representation of friendship in early twenties life, but if I had friends like that I’d just leave. Whereas in Broad City its so much more real because they don’t fight all the time and make plans to ‘meet’ with no specific details. Its worth so much more buzz than it gets. I feel very strongly about this.


Also go and watch Under the Skin with Scar-jo, it’s weird, but special.

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