HIMYM: 9 years of bad wigs

Major spoiler alert (inside himym joke) But seriously though, don’t ruin it for yourself. Or do, I don’t care.


Well it’s over, finally(?) Unlike a lot of the internet, I liked the ending. I didn’t see it coming, and all I’ve heard today is ‘oh I’ve said that since the beginning’ sure, yeah you did, if you like. I’ll admit I’ve not given the show too much energy for the past two seasons, and were there less of an attachment, I probably would have bailed. But since I’ve been watching since the beginning, I had a duty to myself, and to Ted. It used to be on after My Wife and Kids on Trouble at 5, that’s where we first fell in love. It’s been a long journey, a tumultuous one, but we finally got here.

It’s got a lot of criticism from people saying that they betrayed the characters in the last season, and they have, but I think they salvaged it in the end. Lets be real, Barney and Robin were never going to work, Ted would never let Robin go. That’s a fact. But I think they’ve been sewing those seeds for a while. The whole dead wife thing was a shock and super sad. The Tumblr consensus is a mixture of ‘What was the point of the whole show then’ and ‘EER OMG I H8 WRITERS!! THIS MUST BE AN APRIL FOOLS!!!’ But really though, it’s a more dissatisfying ending for Ted to just stay with this woman that we’ve never really met when he’s blates still in love with Robin, no? On the other hand, it’s only a loose end that needs tying up because they’ve been loosening it for the last season, so I don’t know maybe they could’ve played it differently. They said they’ve known the ending for like 5 years, so I guess they could have weaved it in a bit more slickly. I don’t know, I liked it.

Other than that, Barney and his baby, the best ending they could’ve had for him. And Lily and Marshall are boring anyway but they seem happy enough. I liked the finale as an episode though because it wasn’t all sobbing goodbyes, pan out of 6 keys on a counter style. It gave a little bit more context. It was nice to see Ted happy, because there’s been a big absence of this in the last 4 seasons. He’s gone from one shitty relationship to another, slowly loosing faith. So it was a relief to see that he never became a shell of the dreamer formerly known as Ted. And yeah, he’s annoying and dramatic and a massive wet flannel, but he’s Teddy Westside, and he has a special place in my heart. In hindsight, I think this is probably the best multi-cam show at the moment, mainly because it’s  not stupid, and it knows exactly what it’s doing. It doesn’t have the GCSE drama feel of Big Bang. I think everyone has put aside their Friends comparisons now; it really is completely different.

9 years is a long time to be committed to a show, in my opinion. Up to about a year ago, I would watch each episode as it came out every week and it’ll be weird not having it there. Tony Blair was still PM in 2005, and it was only a year since Mean Girls came out. There were no iPhones in 2005. Think about that. When you needed a phone, you actually had to pick one. A great year for Sony Ericsson. I’ve spent my adolescence with these people, it’ll be a less legendary world without them.

One thought on “HIMYM: 9 years of bad wigs

  1. The biggest issue I have is the timing. This last season SHOULD have really been what we we’re told in the last 40 or so minutes. I think that’s why people feel jipped. It all just happened so fast and we weren’t given time to digest the ending. I think though are forgetting that this show didn’t have a set amount of seasons early on. The original ending was filmed nearly a decade ago and they stuck to it. There was no way they knew the show would last for 10 years. From what I heard, the mom was originally going to be Stella but once the show got picked up for more seasons, they began to explore Ted’s relationship with Robin.

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