The Late Show with MC Hambs

My opinions and feelings on the following issue are entirely ill informed, naive and therefore moot. Yes? yes. I will provide no supporting evidence for anything I say. As long as we all understand this.


I understand that perhaps I’m too young and English and missed the Letterman train, but to me, he just seems like the grinch of late night. Really, he’s the last direct Carson descendant around and, quite happily, plays the role of bitter uncle at Christmas. Maybe he only seems this way in comparison to ADHD Conan or the SNL lot. On the one hand he’s funny yeah and people are always saying how much influence he’s had on TV and comedy, but to sit and watch an interview, never mind a whole show, is pretty unbearable for me. I guess he’s ok with people like Tom Hanks, but for him to interview Anna Kendrick or someone under 30, when you KNOW he has no idea who they are or have seen more than 5 minutes of whatever, it just seems like a waste of everyones time. And worse than that, he asks the most stupid questions and you can tell he just loves bathing in all the nervous laughter. “But that’s his thing though” I hear my dad say in the back of my head. I know, but it’s a stupid thing. So I’m happy he’s retiring, good luck to him.

I’ve seen things about NPH taking over? I don’t know about that. It would be nice to have someone who isn’t already on something. Really, it should be Louis. Maybe he shot himself in the foot with that storyline, but to me, Louis CK is Dumbledore, in that he can do anything and I trust him because I feel like he always knows the bigger plan. He does everything with intention, so you know he has no interest in this.

I vote for it being a woman. This is what I said (I say ‘said’, ranted to myself) with Jimmy’s show. Seth Meyers is so average and is just doing a nightly weekend update with guests and a band. He gets the job done, but what kind of precedent is that? Get on SNL and you’ll have a late night show if Lorne has anything to say about it. Realistically, I’s only be truly happy if Amy Poehler got it. That would be the best day in history I feel. Note how I say Amy not Tina. Tina couldn’t handle it, she doesn’t have the energy. But would we want to sacrifice Parks and Rec? No I don’t think so. But, ok, I understand there are very limited women to choose from at the moment who would have the extreme likeableness to carry this show. That’s a shame. Jon Stewart’s voice is annoying, I’ve never watched The Colbert Report (eg of moot opinions) so I can’t really make a judgement.

So, I don’t know, just give it to Conan or whatever. I wrote in my yearbook for predictions of my future that I’d have my own late night show. This could be my time. Hit me up CBS, I’m on LinkedIn.

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