Twitter Suggestions: Groovy Chick edition

There’s a small group of people in this world who I consider to be a ‘groovy chick’ or ‘funky lady’ eg Tina Fey always and forever. Unfortunately for us all, she’s not on twitter. But here’s a run down of some sassy sistas who’re worth sometime.


1) Jameela Jamil – for some reason some she tends to get some bad press. Been in the middle of a couple of twitter wars, but she seems like a really nice girl, someone I could be friends with. I’ve read her whole blog (can’t you tell I have essays to write) and she seems like a really down to earth kinda chica. I’m a big believer in being a respectful human being, and I feel like she gets this. I don’t listen to the Sunday chart show because I have hobbies, but I’m sure she’s entertaining enough. Her column in Company was good, I don’t know if she still does is. I’d check her out.

2) Almie Rose aka Apocalypstick – I’ve been reading her blog for like 2 years now and she’s another one who’s just super chill. She also has a book which is pretty funny. Another of the breed of cool chicks who know whats up. She’s often got an interesting things to say about life and Mad Men. She does a great Betty Draper.

3) Grace Helbig – Daily Grace, or whatever she is these days. I’ll be honest I’ve seriously gone off Youtube (story for another day), but she’s still a twitter favourite. She has the tendency to constantly promote, but does comes out with some zingers.

4) Mindy Kaling – We all know my feelings, I feel I don’t need to repeat.

5) Me – because, well, come on now.

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