Summertime Sadness


I’ve had some sad realisations today. I’ll be away all summer, and there’s so much I’m going to miss. You know, the familiar faces, the inside jokes. I am of course talking about TV. Sadly I’ll be missing the finale of Veep and various other shows, but also some big films (for me) that I won’t see until I come back.

One that’s been popping up on my Amy Poehler Google alert for a while now is They Came Together with her, Paul Rudd and all sorts of really cool-seeming people are that are really not famous outside of LA and my mind. This movie looks like everything I ever want any movie to be.

Just click it won’t embed don’t be lazy

Jenny Slate? No? Parks and Rec? Still avoiding that? Anyway it’s her new film Obvious Child, again with loads of random half famous people. She’s super funny, but can she pull it off? We’ve seen a lot of funny second men falter as the lead. We will see.

Chef, now this one is full of actually famous people, hopefully not Valentine’s Day style but it’s looking that way. Jonny Favs wrote and starred, and we all know (I know) how I feel about this, could be dangerous. Again we’ll see, but it looks very appetizing.

A Million Ways to Die in the West Seth McF, I have mixed feelings. Ted was aiite, no massive triumph. And he’s in this one not using his Peter Griffin voice, so it’ll be interesting to see him not hiding. Charlize as a comedic lead…oosh could be painful. Young Adult was good though but this looks a lot bigger. All rather tenuous but could be the best movie ever. NPH will no doubt steal the show.




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