Nick Clegg; cool uncle or creepy family friend

Oh have you heard? Nick Clegg says the Lib Dems promise to scrap jail sentences for possession. Woah, big statement there Nicky. Remind anyone else of some seemingly broad mandates aka empty promises? I think I’ve figured out the problem here. The Lib Dems are trying so hard to be the cool uncle of politics; down with the kids, up for anything. No, sorry no (not sorry). Firstly, this is not an appropriate way to win the affections of your electorate, especially for them, considering their track record. Secondly because ok say in the one in 10 million chance they gained any sort of power next year, that would mean they’d have to actually do something, which, considering the fact that they’re Lib Dem, is extremely unlikely. 

ALSO NICK this whole trying to win over younger voters is so pathetic it’s gross. I feel some serious Eton inferiority complex seeping into his politics, seeing as he’s always trying to play with the cool kids. It said that 1000 people a year get jailed for possession each year, surely that’s not a lot? Surely this whole thing is just a gesture of “liberal” values. And half of those jailed were Marijuana ones so, ya know. This is obviously just a super thinly veiled attempt to win back some sort of fan base.

The worst part of this is is that if it were anyone else calling for reform in the treatment of drug addiction I would be saying yeah you go gurl. Because he’s right, you can’t expect being locked in a house of drug lords to cure you from addiction. It’s an illness not a crime. But shut up Nick Clegg, no one wants you at their party. 

And to those who still cry about the fees, and say how it was a travesty that they said they’d do one thing, and then did the complete opposite, well, that’s politics. And if they do get reelected, one way or another, I’m not holding my breath for any change. 

Also yes I understand this is the only post I’ve done in America, but I saw this and it was funny to me so. 

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