Hey now. I’m all for the right of women to choose. You know, it’s your life, you do what you want. This sounds abortion-y, it’s not don’t worry. Far more trivial. I’m talking about changing your name when you get married. I’ve never seen the appeal of taking the husbands name, mainly because I don’t see the point. Surely the constant presence of the same human being forever, never going away, always being there, constantly, is enough of a reminder that you’re married. I mean, it’s your name right? The only consistent way you identify yourself throughout your life; your brand. And then suddenly, on a completely unrelated note to your sense of self (hopefully) you get married, but then woah hold up you’ve got a different name. Ok maybe back when you were owned by your husband, but now, why would you want to? Really though, I’m asking the question because I want to know the answer. 

This is a completely irrelevant topic to anything, I just saw today Cheryl Cole changed her name and it got me thinking. She’s a good example because I guess she wasn’t that famous before she married Ashley Cole, but she’s like a real person, a household name (gross). What is so momentous about this marriage that she wants to always be referred to in relation to her husband? I don’t think it’s an issue of not thinking the marriage is going to work. I’ve just figured out what confused me about this. Ok fine, change your name personally, whatever who cares. But why professionally? She is Cheryl Cole, the artist (debatable) and TV personality. Why is it so important that everyone knows she’s married and loves her husband. Isn’t privacy a big thing for minor celebrities like her to campaign for. It seems like an invitation for people to pry. 

Anyway who cares. 

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