Do what you want with my body, of text.

Let’s start this by acknowledging that I understand the importance of education. Everyone understand that? I don’t care.


Welcome to my latest rant. I hate the internet. (hey internet, don’t worry about what I say it’s just to prove a point you know I love you) Or maybe I hate what people become on the internet. Nothing enrages me more than the argument over theirs and theres and they’res. Because really, honestly, look deep into your soul; who cares. It’s the most irrelevant thing to call someone out for on Facebook or whatever.

For someone to put themselves out there and announce something publicly, only for a ‘friend’ to discount what they’re saying in front of all their other ‘friends’ is rude and a public nuisance. AND FOR WHAT? The wrong use of who and whom. WHOM CARES! Everyone knew what they were saying, you understood the point, what are these people trying to prove. I mean, It’s 15 words on being stuck in traffic on the school run, what earthly difference does spelling make.

Ok, in a book, in a newspaper, sure go ahead and get get it right, but good lord it’s facebook. Transient, fleeting facebook. And the grammar police act like they’re deeply offended by everyone not knowing the subject and object of a sentence and it’s their job to educate.

No. I won’t stand for it anymore. This is a call to arms. Liberation against proper noun pontification. Hurl abuses at those who make it their job to police online communication.

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