What is Recruitment: A cry for help


I’m in a very strange situation. Not so much predicament, more, I dunno, life stage of crippling pressure. Here I am, newly 21, graduated (shock to us all I know) and an addition to the country’s unemployment statistic. I used to think about finishing education and what that would feel like, and let me tell you 14 year old Andriana, big shocker, it isn’t all that liberating. I think deep down I never thought I’d get to this point, not like I’d die, just, stop existing. And everyone talks about life and your twenties, all this stuff about being able to do anything you want, go anywhere, life experiences, growing, eat/pray/love, new generation, Sims 3 Generations, you know all that. And I’m like, life just chill out, I’m still 14 I can’t have a job, I can’t use Excel (I totally can, potential employers, trust) WHAT IS RECRUITMENT? What is it? Why does every job want me to ‘liaise’? What jobs do people have? seriously though there’s like, many people in the country who have jobs, what jobs do they do? I might just stand outside inner city M&S Foods and ask people what they do because they look like my kind of people.

The weird toss up between getting any job because you don’t know what you’re looking for, or looking for a job you’re really interested in, just, why? I’m sorry but the educational system in this country is failing every child, because here I am, with all the privileges of good schools and good university, technically ‘educated’ and I know nothing about tax or the economy or any specific knowledge about the Middle east. But I can tell you what I fake did last weekend in French (went to the museum with Aunt and Grandmother, DM for more deets.) I can’t even do long division, how will I ever get a job in HR.

What’s the point I’m trying to make? Dunno. Who knows. I have a question, can anyone actually do their job? Say I have an interview and the person sitting opposite me is asking me questions about my experience with liaising and database synergy, I know in their head they’re just like, eugh cba to go to my boyfriends cousins wedding tomorrow I look fat in my dress and the food’ll be gross, and they’re there scrutinising my body language or whatever. Who cares. And realistically, any job  I get I’m going to enjoy, except for like, I dunno, PA to Anne Hathaway, so what’s with all the pressure world? The value of a degree in ancient history is really shining through here.

Anyway. I’ll stop complaining.

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