Danny DeVito, Crack, Chest Hair: An argument for the canonisation of Tina Fey


As I’m sure you’ve been made aware from various Facebook groups and Buzz Feed articles, April 30th marks 10 years since the release of Mean Girls. Now, I don’t mean to be over dramatic, but I feel like that movie had a profound effect on my life, and if you’re still reading this, probably yours as well. I’m not going to ramble about how many times I’ve seen it, or quote it like I’m the only one who knows every note of it, because, let’s be real, who can’t quote the whole film.

I’m talking a real genuine effect. There’s so much in this film, you need to watch it 100 times to appreciate. Eg Janis Ian, named after real life lesbian singer and 1st performer on SNL, and so many other film references that I didn’t get when I was 11, and still don’t really get now really. The best character is, as we all know, Regina’s mother. Aside from the fact that it’s Amy Poehler who plays her, she is truly the highlight of this movie.

Yes, it’s silly and funny and unbelievably quotable, but it has so much more depth than any other high school movie. I think that part is all Tina. Look at She’s the Man. A great film, hilarious – but meaningless. John Tucker Must Die, same kind of themes to Mean Girls, but doesn’t even come close to it. Why? It’s because Mean Girls has a message, and isn’t trying to be a nerd becomes popular story aka the whole of Lizzie McGuire. I feel like that’s all high school movies ever are – classic underdog stories. And in a way that’s what Mean Girls is, but It’s different because the Asian nerds are happy being Asian nerds, and the burnouts are content with burning out. For Cady, there was never an intent to become popular, but she got corrupted. If anything, it’s more of a historical drama.

I think it portrays everything myself and Tina stand for, glorifying the ordinary. Think about the teenage girl TV of the last 10 years, The OC, Gossip Girl, 90210. A lot of very rich, very pretty people (Seth Cohen). Mean Girls was the opposite, and ahead of its time. So all I’m saying is, we’ve all got a lot to thanks Tina Fey for.